Saturday, October 1, 2016

Should there be a spin off series of The Blacklist

Should the writers of The Blacklist create a spin off series? Do we need a spin off series from The Blacklist? That's a stupid question , of course we do. Raymond Reddington has been on the run for about 30 years. That's 30 years building his criminal empire. That's 30 years secretly watching Elizabeth Keen grow up. Wouldn't you like to learn how a young Raymond Reddington became the man he is today. They are so many stories to be told.

A spin off series of The Blacklist makes perfect sense. NBC has just cancelled a couple of it's new shows. I'm sure they will be replaced by shows just as bad. It takes a lot of time and money to make a new show. Then you have to spend even more time and money promoting it. Trying to get people to watch. Also you want a show that does not just do well in the United States. You want a show that well do well overseas also. The Blacklist has a  formula that works. A fan base that is sure to check out a new spin off series. The Blacklist is not just a big hit in the United States. It is a big hit in other nations too. The show is even do well in China.

Is this a crazy idea? Just think about it. There have been more than one spin off series of Law & Order. A spin off series of The Blacklist may or may not be successful. If you stop and look at some of the awful shows NBC is making. NBC has nothing to lose by giving a spin off series of The Blacklist a try. Right now The Blacklist is the only show on NBC that I am a fan of.


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