Saturday, October 1, 2016

North Korea

Why are we giving aid to our enemies. North Korea can not survive without aid from other natons. North Korea gets most of it's aid from China, South Korea, and the u.s.a. . The U.S. should cut off all aid to North Korea, and ask South Korea to do the same. If South Korea will not do this, we should pull out all troops from the DMZ. Our goal and South Korea's goal should be one Korea.

The United States should have pulled out of Korea years ago. WHY? Let me break it down for you.

1. North Korea is a threat to United States but a bigger one to South Korea and Japan.

2. South Korea has a military, but not at the size and level it could and should have. Because it depends on American money and American men and women for it's defense.

3. Japan is one of the worlds richest nations. It could have one of the largest and most powerful military. But it does not,Because it depends on American money and American men and women for it's defense.

4. If the United States would have pulled out of Korea, it would have forced Japan and Korea to spend more money on defense. And would have made the world a much safer place.

Many nations will not use there own money, or risk the lives of it's men and women. Because the United States is happy and willing to be the world police force. Team America: World Police

We spend so much money on defense because we are not just defending our self, we are defending nations like Canada. Canada very large, very rich, no real army.


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