Sunday, May 8, 2016

Minimalists and Minimalism - Cosco Products Centerfold Folding Table, 6-Feet, - furniture

Cosco Products Centerfold Folding Table, 6-Feet, White Specked Pewter- from Amazon
Can be used as a cheap desk, kitchen table, bed, youtube studio.
Cheap furniture for apartment , house or dorm room.

Moisture proof top for weather resistance
Easy to clean surface.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
Non-marring leg tips protect floor surfaces.
Folds in center for easy storage at 36.5" x 29.6" x 3.0".
These high-quality tables cater to any occasion. Dress them up for the holidays or take them outside for a barbecue. The 6' White Centerfold Blow Molded Table features a waterproof top that resist spills and weather. This versatile piece saves space and time with table legs that fold in and a center folding feature that makes transport and storage virtually effortless. Its rectangular length provides additional seating at both ends of table.


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