Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lifetime Channel's Living With the Enemy - Season 1 Episode 3 review

Unlike a lot of people I am not a big fan of reality television shows. No Big Brother , Survivor, Duck Dynasty or Bachelor for me. I also can't remember the last time I watched something on the Lifetime Channel. I always thought of Lifetime as being just or mostly for women. The Lifetime Channel a.k.a the chick flicks channel. I just happen to hear about the show on Twitter . Thought I would check it out. This episode was good.  So what is Living With the Enemy?  They pick a different social issue for each episode, such as same sex marriage. Next they find people with different views on the issue. Those people have to spend 4 days in each other homes. In order to maybe get a better understanding of the other person's views. So each episode is on a different social issue . Each episode has different people.

So this was episode 3. I have not seen the other episodes so I can't talk about the. But I can highly recommend episode 3. This episode is about same sex marriage. It has a gay couple who are about to get married. And a conservative christian republican woman who does not support same sex marriage. Whatever side of the issue you are on. I think you will enjoy this episode. This was good television. Most of the time on tv when it comes to talking about social issues. We only see people in a shouting match , always trying to demonize the other side. In this episode. I believe both sides had the opportunity to express their views. We need more of this and less shouting matches.

  Living with the Enemy

In episode 3 was Shirley Husar
on Twitter @ShirleyHusar  website

Living With the Enemy shirley husar

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