Monday, July 6, 2015

Editing videos on a Chromebook

Everything in the video below was done online with the Youtube video editor. Most people say you can not make and edit videos with a Chromebook.  Some people say you can with things like WeVideo. I don't like Wevideo . If you do good for you but I don't like it.

The YouTube video editor is not good as it could and should be. Editing video on a Chromebook is not as good as it could and should be. +Google​  has not done enough in this area. But I will talk about that latter. I use the YouTube video editor to edit my videos. You can add text and photos to videos. Make a simple text title for your video or upload a photo to use as you title. Youtube video editor is good enough for most people and basic editing . If you need more advance editing install Linux . But I feel you should not have to install #linux   for video editor.  The linux program OpenShot Video Editor, or something like it should come install in Chromebooks. Also if they made a few improvements in the YouTube editor. People would not need to install Linux. The lack of good video editing is what keeps Chromebooks from becoming a complete PC replacement. Because Youtube is a big part of Google. You would think they would have done more in the area of video editing on a Chromebook. As I said before. Everything in Video below was done with the YouTube video editor. I uploaded two video clips and a photo. The text in video was done with the YouTube video editor.


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