Friday, January 2, 2015

The Interview - Pooky Amsterdam from Second Life - Hangouts On Air

Who is Pooky Amsterdam?
Avatar? Entertainer? Media mogul ? Stripper? All of the above?

Maybe it's just me but Pooky Amsterdam does sound like a stripper name.  No she is not a stripper. Pooky Amsterdam is one of the most intelligent,  funny and interesting persons in the virtual world and the real world. She is a pioneer and living legend. Pooky's long and very successful career has most definitely has earn her a place in the history books. She is very passionate about her work, people and life. She is a very warm, loving and caring person. She is one of the few people that makes this world a better place just by being in it. Pooky Amsterdam is loved my many people. I am not talking about fans like some singer or actor has. It's more than that. People have the highest trust and respect for Pooky Amsterdam.

Pooky Amsterdam is the CEO of PookyMedia. Her company uses Digital Animation also called Machinima to make films, series, shorts, commercials, training films and live game shows.

My Google+ Hangout On Air with Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky Amsterdam talks about Second Life and Virtual World friendships

I'm Too Busy To Date Your Avatar! by Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky Amsterdam
Pooky Amsterdam


Pooky Amsterdam on Google+


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