Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skynet - Google to acquire drone-maker Titan Aerospace

Google to acquire drone-maker Titan Aerospace .Why?Google is building Skynet. First it was driverless cars. Next Google buys the world's top robotics company Boston Dynamics. And now Google buys a company that makes drones.  Google wants to build Skynet. The talk about internet service to remote places is just a cover story. There is no money to be made in internet service to some remote place in Africa.  Google wants to build Skynet and take over the world. The U.S. government has no real laws on the use of drones by  companies like Google.

Google is a government military and non-military contractor. Google itself does a lot of business with the government. Both military and non-military. Google also owns Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics build robots for the military and law enforcement. It is only logical to believe that Google will try to find ways to use the Titan Aerospace drones for military and law enforcement.

The Titan Aerospace Solara 50 drone


Skynet - Google to acquire drone-maker Titan Aerospace


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