Saturday, January 11, 2014

AwesomenessTV YouTube partnership network will steal your money and destroy your channel

awesomeness tv youtube partnership

awesomeness tv youtube partnership

As you can see from the photo above. I submitted a help request. And it when unanswered for for 15 days. After the 15 days the status was changed to solved. That is something that happens a lot. I have been with the Awesomeness TV youtube partnership network for about 4 months. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to work with the company. Before I joined the network I knew there would be problems. Everyone said they had poor support. Everyone said there were problems with payments. So why did I still join the network. Because the company was bought by DreamWorks Animation. And I thought that would gave the the network the chance to become something great, eventually. But so far there are no signs of that happening.  I am not sure how many people Awesomeness TV has working in their support and payment departments. They don't have enough people. Or the people they do have are just incompetent.  Out of all the YouTube partner networks. Awesomeness TV has the very worst payment system . For the past few months.  There has been a problem with payment each month. You have to contract them many times before they will pay you. With the other networks like RPM or Fullscreen. You give them you payment info once and that's it. Then they will automatically send you your payments each month. But not Awesomeness TV. With Awesomeness TV they ask you for your payment info each month. And you have to hope and pray for them to eventually pay you.

Let me go back to the start.  I went to the AwesomenessTV website. I filled out the form to join the network. Then about three days later. I got an email from YouTube. Asking me to click on a link if I wanted to join Awesomeness TV.  After that my channel was part of the network. And after that nothing happen. I was expecting a welcome email or something from Awesomeness TV.  But I never got one. I thought maybe if I waited a few days they would email me. But that never happen. After a week went by with no email from them. I did a search on Google and found their support website. For the past few months it has been a pain in the neck dealing with them. As I said before the company does not have enough people or the right people working deal. And it's just not me that has had a bad experience with them. If you go to YTtalk and other websites. Many people will say they are a bad network to join.

11821 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 601-1960

If you have not been paid,  report them to the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles ,  
Also go to the Linkedin website, do a seach for ( AwesomenessTV ) you will find people that work for the company.

Watch video about problems with AwesomenessTV

+AwesomenessTV Network


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