Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gun Control : Woman Was Raped And Sodomized By 10 Men During Home Invasion

In the state Florida during a home invasion a woman and her 12 year old son were attacked by 10 men. They raped and sodomized the mother in one room . They beat the 12 year old son in another room. After they were done raping the mother they forced her to perform oral sex on her son. Then in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence the 10 men doused the mother and son with household cleaners. The chemicals burned the boy’s eyes. The mother was a Haitian immigrant who had come to America looking for a better life. The mother said she prayed for her life and cried in pain as she was repeatedly raped.

During a home invasion in New York. A 5-year-old girl said “Don’t hurt my mommy, don’t hurt my sissy, I need them.” The 5-year-old girl said that as she watched her mother and 17 year old sister get raped in front of her. Also in New York at a different home invasion. A woman was raped by two men. They are hundreds of other home invasions like these. Today Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced a new assault weapons ban. Also today Vice President Biden  participated in a "Fireside Hangout" on Google+ about reducing gun violence. Biden did not talk about home invasions during the Hangout. Biden did  talk about Sandy Hook and the need to protect the children. In fact the very first sentence that came out his mouth was about the Newtown shooting. New York just passed the nation's toughest gun law. The push for the New York gun law came after Sandy Hook. The Governor of New York said the new law would help protect the children. Not sure of the logic behind this. How is the New York gun law going to help protect the children? The new law says 10 bullets in a gun magazine is too many , people only need 7 bullets. If 10 men break into your home to rape or kill your family. How is only having 7 bullets going to help protect the children? New York says you should only 7 bullets in your gun. Obama says you should only have 10 bullets in your gun. Do they or anyone have the right to place limits on your ability to protect yourself and your family?

Obama and members of the media have been completely exploiting the deaths of the children at Newtown. There is no epidemic of Sandy Hook type shooting across America. But there is an epidemic of home invasions across America. I don't remember Obama calling for a national debate on protecting people in their homes. Events like Newtown , Columbine, Aurora and Virginia Tech are tragedies. But are rare events. The odds of you or someone you know being a victim of events like these are low. You have a better chance of wining the lottery. But the odds of you or someone you know being the victim of a home invasion are very high. The government is doing nothing to help people deal with the real threats they face.

They say we need an assault weapons ban because these are military weapons. These are not military weapons. No law abiding American citizen has military weapons or is able to get military weapons. The guns the Mexican drug cartels have are real military weapons. The FBI says the drug cartels now operate in every American city. The government has never been able to stop billions of dollars in drugs from coming into American. The government is not able to stop the drug cartels from bringing in military weapons to protect their drugs.

Common sense gun laws is a common phrase we hear a lot. We do need common sense gun laws. I will fully support any common sense gun law. The only problem is that most of the new gun laws have nothing to do with common sense. They are people in this world that are truly evil. Evil monsters that care nothing about another person's life. Evil monsters that would kill you without any hesitation, without any regret. Evil monsters that would rape your wife or 12 year old daughter in front of you. Without any hesitation, without any regret. I hope and pray that you and your loved ones never have to face this evil. But if that ever does happen. You should be able and ready to protect yourself. It is not right for the government to prevent you from doing so.


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