Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Google Needs Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Google does many things well. Television is not one of them. WIGS is Google's attempt at an online television network. It is a YouTube channel that produces original, scripted series, short films and documentaries. All the leads are female. It has great actors like America Ferrera from Ugly Betty. Also Julia Stiles , Jennifer Garner and others. Unfortunately most of WIGS is total crap. It stinks so bad it makes you vomit. It has nothing I am even remotely interested in watching. Very weird and unrealistic story lines. A lot of freaky sex stuff. Some of it like Christine is not so bad. But it's clear that WIGS target is not the family audience.

I am going to do what I never thought I would do. I am going to give advice to Google. Google has said it will invest $200 million for original content on YouTube. My advice would be to take that money. Give it all to Amanda Tapping and let her do whatever she wants to do with it. They need to fire Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia . They need to put Amanda Tapping in charge of everything. They need to have Amanda make WIGS into a SciFi network. Or at the very least have some kind of sci-fi shows or movies. If you want to be an online tv network. You have to have sci-fi for the tech people.

If you were trying to build an online television network. You would be insane not to try and have Amanda Tapping part of it. Stargate SG-1  is one of the most successful shows in history. Amanda has a world wide fan base. A lot of these fans are tech people and are very active online. They would make the perfect audience for an online television network. Amanda Tapping is one of the pioneers of online television. About 5 or 6 years ago. Before it was picked up by the SyFy channel. Sanctuary was an online only show for a full season. After all these years. That online version of Sanctuary. Is still ten times better then anything YouTube or Hulu has made. Google needs good original online content for YouTube. Amanda Tapping knows how to make good original online content. A match made in heaven. Or as Jerry Maguire would say "You complete me".

The future of tv is online television. If you speak now you can help shape what that future looks like. Online television can be something wonderful or it can be bull crap. The choice is yours.

one of the short films on WIGS- total crap

one of the shows on WIGS-  Christine is about Christine on speed dates. I guess maybe women
like junk like this.

William Shatner and Amanda Tapping talk about how Sanctuary got started as a online show

stargate in second life

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