Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sarah Palin should be on Google's Hangouts On Air

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has 811,292 followers on Twitter and 3.4 MILLION followers on Facebook. She is one of the most known political figures in the world. In 2011 Sarah Palin was a speaker at the World Knowledge Forum in Korea.
The news media in America is totally obsessed with anything even remotely related with Sarah Palin. I would not be surprised to see CNN do a report on what Palin ate for breakfast. There is an instant and wide range of news coverage on everthing she does. People like Mitt Romney spend a lot of time doing television interviews. He also spends millions on tv and other ads. All this to try and get his message to as many people as he can. Sarah Palin can be at her home in Alaska. Post a tweet or message on Facebook. Then a few hours later all the news networks are talking about it.

Most of the time when you see Sarah Palin on Fox News she is at her home in Alaska. Palin built a television studio at her home. She does most of her stuff on Fox News from her home. Google Hangouts on Air would be perfect for Palin. If she runs for President in 2016 or at some later time. She could use Google Hangouts on Air to broadcast live and for free to millions of people . If Plain did a Hangouts On Air. Many people would watch it live  and the news networks would later report on it. Palin could use Hangouts On Air to give a speech or have town hall meetings with people across America.

I want to point out that as of today Sarah Palin is not on Google Plus. There are some fake Sarah Palin profiles on Google Plus.


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