Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daniela Andrade is Artist Of The Month for June 2012

Daniela Andrade
Daniela Andrade

Some of the great moments in music history. July 7 1954 is the first time a song by Elvis Presley was played on the radio. October 15 1960 the first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry by Loretta Lynn. May 30 2012 Daniela Andrade's first album called ( Things We've Said ) is published on iTunes.

 Have you seen the movie ( The Recruit ).Great spy movie and one of my personal favorites. One of the best parts is when Walter Burke played by Al Pacino says,

I have recruited and trained and served with the best our country has to offer for over a quarter of a century. I am a scary judge of talent. It's my gift. - quote by Walter Burke

When it comes to music I think  am a scary judge of talent. It's my gift. People chosen for Artist Of The Month are the best of the best. God has blessed Daniela Andrade with a truly beautiful voice. She is a very talented singer and songwriter. She's not just another pretty face. Not just another pretty face but she does have a pretty face. I highly recommend that you check out her new ablum and her other songs on iTunes. In fact you should buy anything with the name Daniela Andrade on it. Yes she is that good. Daniela is as talented as Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys but not as well known. So please tell your friends and family about her. Also do that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus stuff.

I also want to add that people can feel safe buying Daniela Andrade's music. What do I mean by safe? When Miley Cyrus first came out she had a wholesome and family friendly image. Then a few years later Miley was dancing in her underwear and doing drugs. I can guarantee you that kind of stuff will never happen with Daniela. She may not look like it but Daniela is a very old woman. She has been on YouTube for about 4 years I think. She makes music videos and personal videos or vlogs. In these personal videos she talks about music and daily life stuff. From these personal videos I can tell you that Daniela Andrade is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Video of Daniela and her dad. She is Hispanic and lives in Canada.

One of Daniela's personal videos also called vlogs

Things We've Said - on iTunes

Things We've Said - on Google Play

Daniela Andrade - on Twitter

Daniela Andrade - on Facebook

Daniela Andrade - on the 61

Daniela and her best friend


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