Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heart Machine by Lila Rose

No, not that Lila Rose. If you do a search on Google for Lila Rose  most of the stuff  that comes up is for Lila Rose the pro life activist.  You should search for  Lila Rose singer  or  Lila Rose music.

When I read something about music that says it's new or unique I do not believe it. It is rare to find any kind of  originality in music these days. But that is not the case this time. Lila Rose is like Lila Rose. You really can't compare here to anyone else. Her music , song lyrics , voice , they all belong in the Lila Rose  category. The lady has her own thing going on. In the world of music Lila Rose is beautiful and unique  like  a snowflake.

You can get new album Heart Machine on iTunes and everywhere else. Check out her website for more information.
 She seems  seems to be very engaged with her fans. So be sure to check her out on Facebook and Twitter. I don't think she is on Google Plus yet but I hope she will be soon. I will be doing another story on Lila Rose sometime in February.  Also there might be a contest where you can win her CD . I will let you guys know more in a few weeks.


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