Friday, December 9, 2011

If Ignorance Is Bliss America Is Heaven

You are all idiots. Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and gay people. Energy independence should be one of your top goals.

 Gay people are idiots.Gays are always crying about something. They are always saying they are being prosecuted. They don't know what that word means. Gays in America are not being prosecuted. Gays in Nigeria are prosecuted. Gays in Nigeria are attacked and beaten almost everyday. In Nigeria you can be put in jail for 14 years just for being gay. And nobody cares. Gay people in America don't care. You would think there would be large protests outside the Nigerian  embassy in Washington DC almost everyday. You would think you would hear about this on tv, newspapers and blogs everyday.  But you do not. Why? Because gay people are idiots. And because America and China are the largest importers of oil from Nigeria. People want cheap oil and cheap goods from China. As long as they get that, they can  beat and kill gays in Nigeria until the cows come home. Am I wrong? Show me that I am wrong. People may talk about Nigeria every now and then. But no serious action will every be taken against Nigeria. There will never be a boycott on oil from Nigeria. Your money goes to one of the most anti-gay governments in the world. Think about that the next time you talk about gay rights.

Occupy Wall Street people are idiots. They want the same government that caused all the problems to fix the same problems. Good luck with that. These protests are being shut down one after another. At some point, you have to get to a point. You can not just hang out in a park forever. And hope a fairy godmother  will come along and fix everything for you. If you want no blood for oil. You should want energy independence. If you want more jobs, higher pay, save social security and medicare. You should want energy independence. Over the last 30 years America has spent about 7 trillion dollars on importing oil. If you add the cost of wars in the middle east. And the cost of things like keeping aircraft carriers in the gulf to protect oil shipments. That about another 10 trillion dollars.  So that's around 17 trillion dollars spent on oil imports over the past 30 years. If that money was invested in America. It would mean better jobs and a better life for us all. But that's just what I think. You guys keep hanging out in parks. I'm sure that will fix everything.

Democrats are idiots. They want to tax the rich. Idiots might think this is a good idea. ♬ Tax the rich and everything will be ok.  Tax the rich and all your problems will go away ♬. I am not strongly opposed to raising taxes. This will however not fix all of our problems like the Democrats say. There are not enough rich people to tax. Not enough to get the nation out of the deep hole it is in. Not enough to save social security, medicare and pay down the national debt. The math just does not add up. America needs more money.  A lot more. The only way to do that is to stop importing oil. We need to develop the natural resources that we have. Solar energy is not going to be enough. Wind energy is not going to be enough. But a combination  of solar,wind, gas, coal, oil and   energy from Thorium will be.

In all fairness I have to say Republicans are also idiots . Oil companies do not need tax breaks. And cutting corporate income tax will not create jobs.

Human Rights Day is today Saturday, December 10, 2011. People in most human rights groups are idiots. One of their top goal should be energy independence. Muammar Gaddafi did not just wake up a couple of months ago and decided to be a ruthless dictator. He was a ruthless dictator for over forty years. For over forty years the world stood by and did nothing. Why? They did not want to do anything that might make the price of oil go up. After Iran cracked down hard on protesters the world did nothing. Why? Because Iran is the fifth largest producer of oil.

The money for most terrorist attacks come from oil money.Osama bin Laden was the son of an oil billionaire. The money to build Saddam Hussein's army came from oil. Thousands of men and women were killed or injured in the Iraq War. America is the world's largest importer of oil. So Americans paid for the roadside bombs and bullets that killed American soldiers .

With energy from Thorium. America , Japan, India and the rest of the world can have energy independence.


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