Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Republican Social Security Debate

Last two GOP debates Social Security has been talked about a lot.
No real new ideas or solutions. No one cares if you call it a Ponzi scheme. You can put it in a dress and call it Betty no one cares what you call it. If you don't have a plan to fix it just shut up. I have a plan for Social Security. I have a plan for everything. Maybe this will not fix everything but this is something new. You and I own AIG. I say we own AIG because the government brought about 86% of the company during the wall street bail out. We already own it why not use it. AIG ( American International Group ) does insurance and retirement services / financial Services.

Maybe give everyone an investment account account with AIG. Then people could invest in a mutual fund or buy stock in Apple. It's something new something to think about.
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