Friday, July 1, 2011

Megan Lee is Artist of the month for July 2011

Megan Lee has a rare thing called talent. Love, Laugh and Live By Megan Lee is one of the best original songs that has come out in many years.I don't care if you have to lie, cheat, steal, plunder like a pirate. Or take hostages and hold them for ransom. You need to buy this song.

I think the song is worthy of a Grammy nomination. Her voice and the song lyrics are amazing. The song has such a beautiful meaning to it. Most of the song today have a nice beat to dance to but no meaning. And if they do have a meaning it's something stupid. This is a great song. I love this song now. I will love this song 20 years from now.

Love Laugh & Live - Megan Lee Official Music Video

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