Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wicked: live or animated

      Everyone and their mother have seen, read or head of The Wizard of Oz. After that there was, The Wiz starring Michael Jackson. Also the tv mini-series, Tin Man. But the best every is the musical Wicked. A live action movie adaptation is in development. There has been a lot of debate about the cast of the movie. Fans of Wicked want members of the musical to be in the movie.  And then there are people who think an animated adaptation would be better. Why not do both? I think an animated adaptation and a live adapttion , would both make money. I think Wicked is that good and has a large enough fan base. Whatever happens Idina Menzel and the other cast members would do a great job in any kind of movie. But it seems that are going to use some big name hollywood stars for some or all of the roles.

     I want to give a shout out to AlyssaDefyingGravity who has to be the biggest fan of Wicked. If there is a God she will be on Broadway someday. This young lady is just amazing. She has about 10 videos on You Tube. You should check them all out.

Defying Gravity Storyboards from Heidi Jo Gilbert on Vimeo.


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