Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prompt and Utter Destruction of Japan

      Surrender or face prompt and utter destruction. That is what President Harry S. Truman told Japan. Could the prompt and utter destruction of Japan happen? They say that the 9.0 earthquake was a once in a thousands years event. But what if they are wrong? There could be another one next week. They could become common events. There is also the threat of eruption from Mount Fuji volcano and others. Could Japan disappear like Pompeii? Fall into the ocean like Alantis? Everyone is talking about another Chernobyl. Let's not forget the threats of nuclear war from North Korea. So many things could happen.

       The world needs a backup copy of Japan. Call it a territory,colony or Japan 2 point 0. A new Japan a new nation. A second Japanese state. The total area of Japan is 377,835 sq km. It is a little smaller than California. If you wanted to build a nation the same size where would you put it? There is only one place on Earth with that much spare room, Africa. Most people have no idea what the true size of Africa is. The maps in your school books are wrong. Africa is a lot bigger than it looks on the maps. I mean a lot bigger. The United States, Europe,India, Japan and China could all fit inside of Africa.

      Last year Japan started building a navy base in Africa. The new base is expected to be completed sometime this year. I am not saying Japan should send in army  to steal land like people from Europe did. I am talking about sending in a team of lawyers with a ton of cash and aide. Even though Africa is rich in natural resources. The nations of Africa remain far behind the rest of the world. This idea might seam crazy to some. But it would be the best thing for Africa and Japan.

India has about 1 billion people.                              size 3,287,263 km

The continent of Africa has about 1 billion people, size 30,221,532 km
From Wikipedia:

Africa is the world's second-largest continent after Asia. At about 30.2 million km² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area. With a billion people as of 2009, in 61 territories,


Just found out they made a movie about this in Japan.
name of the move is : The Sinking Of Japan

After a major earthquake hits Japan, scientists come to the conclusion that Japan will sink within 40 years and eventually evacuation will have to be considered. However, Dr. Takodoro soon discovers new evidence that Japan will sink much sooner than that, and the population has less than 1 year to evacuate to safety.


Edgar Cayce made many famous predictions. Edgar Cayce said that one day all of Japan would fall into the sea.

The predictions of Edgar Cayce, that have already come true:

- He foresaw a market crash and Great Depression - predicted in 1924.
- Foresee revolutions in foreign countries - predicted in March 1935.
- Foresaw the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler - predicted in January 1934.
- Foresee a world war, which will begin in 1936 - predicted in February 1932.
- Foresaw that in 1941 America entered the war - predicted in July 1939.
- Foresaw a decisive battle of World War II - predicted 20 June 1943.
- Foresaw the death of President Roosevelt and Kennedy - predicted in 1939.
- Foresaw the acquisition of India's independence from Britain - predicted in 1947.
- Foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism – predicted in 1991.

UPDATE Leah Dizon in Africa

Leah Dizon is a very famous singer and model in Japan.Below are photos of Leah Dizon taken in Africa.

Leah Dizon in Africa

Leah Dizon in Africa


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