Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Energy Policy Speech

 Obama just gave a speech on America's energy policy. You could see the slogan "Winning the Future" on the wall behind him. If America wants to win the future we must have thorium reactors. Like most of his speeches nothing new under the sun. Recycling is most likely to be a big part. Obama's speech was just recycled ideas. Stuff we already knew and have heard before. A hope and change energy policy. We have not and will not get closer to energy independence with Obama. However energy independence is a reachable goal.

Obama talked a lot about Brazil in his speech. He some how forgot to talk about the tariff on Brazilian ethanol. This tariff makes importing ethanol from Brazil almost impossible. This tariff helps a few American farmers make money, but leads to millions of Americans pay more for gas. Getting rid of this tariff would quickly lower the price of gas. It would also lower the price of food.The United States makes corn based ethanol,while Brazil makes sugar cane based ethanol.Corn based ethanol is just a bad idea. Sugar cane based ethanol is more efficient than corn based ethanol.

Obama also talked about energy from natural gas. The government needs to do more to help speed of construction of the Alaskan natural gas pipeline. Obama said we need oil. He also said we would have to use some amount of oil for many years to come. There is no logical reason not to get oil from ANWR in Alaska. No one cares more about the environment in Alaska than the people of Alaska. They support this idea. Obama has shown no real leadership in energy policy. He has failed to make tough decisions. In his speeches Obama talks a good game. However he comes up short in areas of realistic and reachable goals.The best energy policy for America is Sarah Palin  in 2012

Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium

More on Thorium

Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)

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