Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japan: Fukushima Syndrome

       I have to ask  questions because it is my job to do so. I want to start out by say I have nothing but love and respect for the men and women in the  military. And I think it is a good idea for people to join the military.  But as I said before it is my job to ask questions.

What is the threat to military members and their family?
Will the government be there for them?

      In the Vietnam War it was Agent Orange. The government said it as was safe and people should not worry. As you know it caused many health problems. Thousands of people in the military got sick and died. Also thousands of people living in Vietnam. But for many years after the war. The government still was not willing to admit Agent Orange was the cause.

      Then there was the Gulf War in 1991. Many came down with a condition know as Gulf War syndrome. The government was very slow to take action. But did better than it did with Vietnam veterans.

      That leads us to Japan today. It is not only the military at risk. There family members are also at risk. Last Monday they started giving iodine pills to family members. There has been a voluntary evacuation of some family members in Japan. I feel that until the nuclear plants are under full control.They should be a larger evacuation of family members. So far radiation has been found in food, water and air many miles away from the nuclear plants. And if conditions at the plants get worse. That could spread to an even larger area.

      If people do get exposed to radiation. They might not get sick until many years later. If a family member gets cancer many years from now. Will they have to fight a battle in court? Will they have to prove the cause was radiation? Will the government say they just got sick. It might be imposable to prove the radiation from Fukushima was the cause. The government does not have a good track record. I am not trying to paint a bad picture of the military. I think the military is great. It is the government that sucks.


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