Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fringe and Fairly Legal The Best Shows on TV

Baby I need you please don't leave me. You are one of the few good ones in this world. You are not just good you are the best. You make me laugh and smile. I get so excited each time I see you. A day does not go by without you on my mind. I love you Fringe. I love you too Fairly Legal. I love FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham ( Anna Torv ) and the rest of the cast. I love you Kate Reed ( Sarah Shahi ) and the rest of the cast. You guys rock my world.

Fringe and Fairly Legal are two of the best shows on television. There are also two shows that might get canceled. If the shows are so great how could they get canceled? I am happy you asked that question. Everyone knows the television execs are idiots. Only by dumb luck do they pick a good show to put on air. Technology has changed the way books and everything else is sold. The way television works has not change. Everything depends on Neilsen ratings or how many people watch the show live on air. Those days are long gone and never coming back. People who have a life can not stay home at a specific time. More and more people record shows or watch theme online. Some people even watch shows on their cell phones. A show could have 3 million watch live each week and 5 million watch online. The 3 million would be the only number that maters. Yeah I know it sounds stupid.

Most of the stuff on television is junk. I do not watch a lot of shows. The few I do watch I watch online for free. I have only bought one show on iTunes. Will television catch up with the rest of the world. Someday they will but not right now. Some networks are fighting the future. Because so many people are watching online. Some shows are waiting 30 days are more to air shows online. A few shows are not even online. As I said before television execs are idiots. I am still mad about Flash Forward. But what can you do about it.

So what does the future hold for Fringe and Fairly Legal? Fringe has millions of fans. If Fox kills the show they should try making episodes just for iTunes. Fairly Legal is a new show. People that have seen the show just love it. The network needs to give the show more time to build an audience . That's all I have to say for now. I just wanted you guys to know that I feel your pain.

Can you love 2 women at the same time?

Sarah Shahi  aka Kate Reed  in Fairly Legal

Anna Torv on Fringe

UPDATE: Fringe Renewed for Season 4

UPDATE: USA has not made a official statement yet. But the information that I have is yes, there will be a second season of Fairly Legal.


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