Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evelyn Leung Global Superstar

Evelyn Leung Superstar

     On March 3 something happen in Singapore. It was an event of historic proportions. It was Evelyn Leung's first overseas performance.  Years from now when Evelyn Leung  goes on a worldwide tour. From London, to Dubai,to Moscow, to Beijing, to Tokyo, to Sydney, to Los Angeles, to New York. People will look back and say this is where it all started. This is where Evelyn Leung Mania started to spread around the world.

      Evelyn Leung is a very beautiful and talented 18 year old singer-songwriter from Hong Kong. She plays the guitar and drums.  Evelyn reminds me of two people.Mary Chapin Carpenter and Keiko from Flashforward. In her short career she has already won many music contests. She has a  global fan base that is growing  quickly.  They love her in China, Singapore, in the Philippines , in Malaysia and in America. They love her everywhere.

Evelyn Leung on stage

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