Saturday, January 8, 2011


           On almost every video sharing website  there is a new  video of the French star JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME.  The video appears to be her secretly filmed in a hotel room through a window. But it is not. It is a publicity stunt. The voyeuristic footage is part of a viral ad campaign, for Agent Provocateur. Agent Provocateur is a company that makes luxury Lingerie.

             Was the ad a good idea?          
                    The Agent Provocateur company has a history of unusual ad campaigns. I think that the company's ad campaigns in the past sucked. Some just too weird.  Some just not interesting. But this new ad is very clever and timely.

  The  video appears with the various titles .

Mark Ronsons Girlfriend Filmed (Banned video)
Mark Ronsons Girlfriend (Josephine de la Baume) filmed in hotel
Mark Ronsons Girlfriend ( ban on youtube video )

There  are even a few websites that report the video as being real.

   Do they make good stuff?

            I have checked out the Agent Provocateur website.  And I have to yes, they do make good stuff.  But I have to ask. Is there such a thing as bad lingerie? The company is expanding its product line to include sunglasses, cosmetics and bedding. The company has stores all over the world. 9 in America with a new store to open soon in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. If you want to check out their lingerie or just see photos and videos of women in lingerie. Checkout there website.

Agent Provocateur


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