Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blowback: Assassination Attempt On Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Definition of BLOWBACK:
an unforeseen and unwanted effect, result, or set of repercussions
      Some heartless people have been bending over backwards, trying to blame Sarah Palin and others for the shooting. Sarah Palin had zero to do with this. Glenn Beck had zero to do with this. Fox news had zero to do with this. Talk radio had zero to do with this. Political rhetoric had zero to do with this. There are different points of view, two sides to every argument. That is true 99 percent of the time. But sometime the other person is just an idiot talking BS. The shooter is a nut case and drug user. The shooter was talking about the currency system, and the gold standard. You might as well blame Ron Paule for the shooting.

      To try to spin something like this for politics is shameful, sick and pathetic. It is also idiotic. People use the same kind of rhetoric or language in sports all the time. And when a sports fan goes nuts and kills someone that say people in sports need to watch the words they use. A Yankees fan killed a Red Sox fan. Ivonne Hernandez drove her car into a group of Red Sox fans who had been taunting her. Was this the Yankees fault? No. Was this sport commentators fault? No. A soccer fan killed four people when he drove a minibus into a crowd celebrating the other team's victory. Again a nut case, no one else to blame. The shooter Jared Lee Loughner is not a Sarah Palin supporter. Not a tea party member, not a GOP member , and not a fan of fox news. He is a nut case and drug user. So please just shut up. I do not want to hear this BS.

       When I first heard of the shooting I was shocked. And when I heard about the death of nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, my heart broke. I was not thinking of ways I could use this because this is not the time for politics. Because I have respect for life. Respect for the victims and their love ones.

       There is no real question about Sarah Palin or other Republicans  having anything to do with this. This is just one of many sick and pathetic attacks on Sarah Palin. This is about how low down and dirty, some people some Democrats are willing to go. But this time they have gone to far. This time they have crossed the line. They have put the life of Sarah Palin and her family in danger. Jared Loughner was not nut case motivated by politics. But there are many nut cases who are. Death threats against Sarah Palin have gone up. So much that she has had to increase security. The Democrats are doing what they have falsely been accusing Republicans of doing. They are putting lives in danger. They are intentionally inciting violence. I will never forget this. And I will never forgive them for this.

       The Democrats are trying to exploit the deaths of innocent people. They are trying to break Sarah Palin. They are trying to break the Tea Party. But Sarah Palin is still standing tall, and always will be. And the Tea Party will be around for a very long time. My support for Sarah Palin has not been broken. It has increased tenfold. May God bless Sarah Palin and her family. May God bless Gabrielle Giffords. And may God bless America.

Definition of BLOWBACK

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