Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama hates Jews or is just stupid

It has been many years since Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. Many years since the witch hunt for Communists. With a Communists behind every tree and under every bed. But now "McCarthyism" has been replaced with "Obamaism". And now there is racist behind every tree and under every bed. Obama's camp has called Geraldine Ferraro a racist, Hillary Clinton a racist, Bill Clinton a racist. Now they are calling McCain and Palin racist.Congressman John Lewis said that McCain and Palin were sowing the seeds of hatred and division. And compared them to people who bombed black churches.

Thank you Obama. Thank you very much. If you want to go down this road we can go down this road. The only one who is a true racist is Obama. Obama is racist who hates Jews. Obama is the only one who went to a racist church for 20 years. A church that printed hate speech against Jews from Hamas and others in it's church bulletin .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi called U.S. President Barack Obama an anti-Semite in an interview with Army Radio. 

"It's not that Obama doesn't like Bibi," he referring to Netanyahu using his nickname. "He doesn't like the nation of Israel." 

He went on to say that Obama's anti-Semitism stems from years of indoctrination by controversial preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama distanced himself from during the election campaign.
"When there is an anti-Semitic president in the United States, it is a test for us and we have to say: We will not concede. We are a nation dating back 4,000 years, and you in a year or two will be long forgotten. Who will remember you? But Jerusalem will dwell on forever."

A black woman ,won 1984 Miss Alaska contest, in which GOP VP nominee finished second

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Monday, September 08, 2008
Maryline Blackburn won the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant. The first runner-up? Sarah Palin, at that time Sarah Heath – the GOP’s vice-presidential nominee.

The flute player from small town Wasilla — also voted Miss Congeniality — wrote Blackburn a lovely note on the back of a group photo at pageant’s end: “I do love you. You’re more admired than even you know. And please keep God Number One. He’s got great things for you, baby. Love, Sarah Heath.”

This does not sound like a Racist to Me.

The 'lost' Palin files

Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2008 3:03 PM ET
By Jim Popkin, NBC News Senior Investigative Producer
When federal judges in San Francisco ruled in 2002 that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools was unconstitutional because it included the phrase "under God," Sarah Palin was not amused. Palin, who at the time was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, quickly drafted a terse letter to the editor of a San Francisco newspaper.
“Dear Editor,” Palin wrote in 2002. “San Francisco judges forbidding our Pledge of Allegiance? They will take the phrase ‘under God’ away from me when my cold, dead lips can no longer utter those words,” Palin wrote.
“God Bless America,” she concluded.

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