Friday, March 14, 2008

Silda Wall Spitzer/Eliot Spitzer killed his wife and family

Well he emotionally killed them.

The world is focusing on Eliot Spitzer's call girl ashley alexandra dupre. The happy hooker, the prostitute with a heart of gold. The wanna be singer. Radio station are playing her songs.

But the real story hear is his wife and their 3 daughters.

first let's talk about his wife Silda Wall Spitzer.

She was a very beautiful woman, with a beautiful face and a very in shape body.

When I say she was a very beautiful woman. I don't mean
years ago or a year ago. I mean a few days ago. Silda Wall Spitzer has aged about 30 years overnight. If you look at her standing beside her husband at the press , then at conferencether photos of her. They are as different as night and day. I knew that stress could have an impact on the body, but I did not know how much until now.

That woman was not Silda Wall Spitzer,that was the hollowed out shell of what used to be Silda Wall Spitzer. He emotionally killed her.

People are asking why was she standing by his side. Because emotionally she has been smashed into a million pieces, there is nothing left. She is on autopilot, she is in wife mood, mother mood, whats best for the kids mood.

Now let's talk about the kids.

3 daughters, who will have problems trusting men for the rest of their lives.

I would not be surprise if something happen between Eliot Spitzer and his daughters, or that he at least had thoughts about them. This guy had serious impulse control when it came to sex. A married guy having sex with a hot young hooker is not that strange. But a guy specifically wanting to have unprotected sex shows serious impulse control.

How Eliot Spitzer's Indiscretions Made His Wife Age Before Our Eyes

Eliot Spitzer Resigns, Silda Wall Offers Icy Death Glare


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