Thursday, June 28, 2007

Review of Live Free or Die Hard: Brilliant

Live Free or Die Hard
A Brilliant and Realistic Masterpiece!

But let me tell you how I really feel. This is how movies should be made. The best movie I have seen this year. Live Free or Die Hard is better than the first Die Hard. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
is great. Not just a pretty face, the girl can act. Justin Long is very funny. You may not know the name but I bet you have seen him in TV. He is the actor who plays the mac, you know the (hi I'm a Mac, hi I'm a PC) ads you see all the time on TV.

Storyline: Brilliant
Acting: the whole cast was Outstanding
Action scenes : Great

How realistic was the movie? Is a Fire Sale possible. Could this happen in real life. Could all the communications systems, financials systems, powers systems be shut down.


Years before 911 there were many people saying airline security was not good enough. It might take a 911 level cyber attack, before the fools in D.C. will do what is needed to make this nation safe. In April, a report by a House committee gave failing grades for computer security to eight federal agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Interior, State and Treasury, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. DHS earned a D.

There have been 800 hacking attacks into Homeland Security computers at the highest levels

Episodes included "classified data spills," in which pilfered information was transmitted from government computers, and software for stealing passwords was found on two internal DHS systems. Also incidents of Web site security lapses, missing laptops, and unblocked viruses and worms.

"The event I fear most is a physical attack in conjunction with a successful cyber-attack on the responders' 911 system or on the power grid," Ronald Dick, director of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, told a closed gathering of corporate security executives hosted by Infraguard in Niagara Falls on June 12,2002

The Internet architecture needs to be redesign and rebuilt. Security precautions were not built into the structure of the Internet itself.With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), researchers are working together to design a bold new research platform called GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations. As envisioned, GENI will allow researchers throughout the country to build and experiment with completely new and different designs and capabilities that will inform the creation of a 21st Century Internet. But this will come to late to stop a fire sale cyber attack. We need a new Internet architecture and we need it now. The government should be spending billions on this project. Because if a fire sale happens trillions of dollars and many lives will be lost. A new Internet architecture should not just be the goal of the U.S. . This should be a joint project of N.A.T.O.


on june 20,2007 the Defense Department took as many as 1,500 computers off line because of a cyber attack

The cyber attack on Estonia was a warning of things to come

NATO spokesman James Appathurai told a news conference at a two-day meeting in Brussels.
'They (the attacks on Estonia) were sustained, coordinated and focused. They had clear national security and economic implications,' he said.

Cyberstorm:Homeland Security fails again


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