Monday, November 16, 2015

After the Paris Attacks what should be the direction of the war against ISIS / ISIL

Will the world win the war on terrorism ? After the Paris attacks  it seems like the answer is no. After the Paris attacks. France sent aircraft to bomb ISIS / ISIL targets in Syria. This was a pointless political movie. This was standard operating procedure after a terrorist attack. The United States has been bombing ISIS targets in Syria for months with  no real effect. Are we supposed to believe the bombings by France are going to have a big impact.  So what are we supposed to do , what can  we do?

Annihilation not containment. Before the Paris attacks Obama said that ISIS was contained. When it comes to the war on terrorism the goal has to be annihilation not containment. ISIS is setting people on fire. Burning them alive. Beheading people. Selling women as slaves. You do not contain a evil like that you annihilate it.

I am not against bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq . But too much focus has been put on that. There has not been nearly  enough focus put on shutting down there online activities. American and European companies in one way or another run the internet. We should be able to shut down all pro ISIS and websites and social media accounts.  The hacker group Anonymous has done more to shut down ISIS online than the government has. When Facebook does find some  Islamic extremists page. It does not report the page to law enforcement. It just shuts the page down. There is no law that says it has to report the page to law enforcement.  Once again I wonder what do I pay taxes for. Also , for may years ISIS has had a online magazine  and online radio station that it uses for recruitment . WTF?  As I said before the governments of the world have not done enough to shut ISIS down online. This is just insane.

Do we need boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq? No, we do not.  Does ISIS have factories where it is producing tanks, weapons and gun ammunition. No it does not. Most the gear it has is American. Billions in military aid to Iraq has ended up in the hands of ISIS. The one Iraq policy has been a failure and will keep been a failure. The United States has never supported independence for the Kurds but needs to. The best fighters against ISIS has been the Kurds. American needs to give full support to Kurdistan  becoming a  fully independent nation.

Obama's strategy in Syria is wrong. Obama is responsible for growth of ISIS. Obama is responsible for the 3 million Syrian refugees.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is  no threat to America or Europe. He does not support terrorism. If it was not for America and other European nations supporting rebel groups in the Syrian civil war. The war would have ended a long time ago. ISIS would not have been able to grow in Syria and spread to Iraq.   The government like to use the term " moderate Syrian rebels " . Because there is more than one rebel group in Syria . Most of these rebel groups are  Islamic extremists. The defeat of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would only lead to the Islamic extremists eventually  taking over the nation. But the defeat of President Bashar al-Assad is a fantasy that will never happen. Russia is never going to let that happen. Years of supporting the rebels in Syria has gotten the United States and Europe nowhere.  It has only resulted in making ISIS stronger. There is no path to victory in Syria supporting the rebels.

 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  is not Saddam Hussein  or Muammar Gaddafi . He is no Kim Jong-un . He is not a global threat . But ISIS is.

Dabiq (magazine) - ISIS online magazine 

outside French Consulate in Atlanta - pray for paris - paris attacks

Outside the French Consulate in Atlanta - pray for paris - paris attacks


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